Eng. Ahmad Al-Sabeeh Secretary General of the Arab Towns Organization (ATO)
We believe in the importance of electronic and smart transformation, and its effect on the improvement of the Arab cities (members) Also, we have an accurate understand for international approaches towards smart city. So, Arab Cities Organization gives the Arab Forum for Smart Cities the role to be the technical sector for Arab Cities Organization. We are pleased to cooperate with you to tell your success stories , reflect them, and apply them on the cities,members...

Dr. Yousef Al Shawarbeh President of the Forum
From our website, we work hard to provide the knowledge, experiences, and success stories. In addition, we provide the chance for each city to show its activities and experiences in the major of smart city and smart transformation ...

Eng. Samira Dahiyat General director
We feel that we have a responsibility that makes us do our best in order to build the bridges of communication between the cities, Arabian municipalities , and the national and international, cities and organizations. So, we can achieve our goals...

About Us

About Us

Arab Smart Cities Forum is an instution of the Arab Towns Organization's instutions, specialized in the field of technology, information systems, and modern management. It always locates in the Jordanian capital "Amman". It takes hosting, care and support of the Greater Amman Municipality. The institution enjoys legal personality and financial independent, Also, it has the right to own, dispose of litigation, and financial and administrative independence. Moreover, the Executive Board of the Organization is the supervisory authority of the institution's affairs, and it is responsible for drawing its public policy and taking the appropriate decisions in order to achieve the goals of the institution and the organization, and to follow up its implementation. It is head by Grand Mayor of Amman.


A unique Arab organization which is seeking for a smart electronic Arab city.


An organization which works to develop and improve the capacities of the Arab cities members of the Arab Towns Organization in the field of the technology management, information system, electronic and smart transformation, and modern managemet with the cooperration of the public and private sectors and Arab, international and regional organizatons.

Objectives of the Arab Smart Cities Forum

1. contributing to the readiness of Arab cities to achieve electronic transformation and access to smart cities.
2. Strengthen the partnerships with Arab, international and regional organizations in order to organize the role of science, science and technology and innovation to achieve sustainable development.
3. Building technical and scientific reference in the field of IT management and electronic and smart transformation of Arab cities.
4. Transfer successful experiences in the field of IT management and electronic and smart transformation between Arab cities.
5. Providing advisory services, and technical information and assistance in the field of IT management and electronic and smart transformation.
6. Activate the partnership between the public and the private sectors in the field of IT management and electronic and smart transformation.
7. Providing rehabilitation and training services for the human cadres in the field of information technology and modern management in Arab cities.

Our Partners & Service Recipients

Our Partners:

Arab Towns Organization and its institutions:

        City Development Fund
        Arab Urban Development Institute
        Arab Cities Award Foundation
        Environmental Center for Arab Cities
        Heritage Foundation for Arab Historical Cities
        Cultural Working Group

Greater Amman Municipality
United Cities and Local Governments Middle East and West Asia Section
Arab Information Network
Information and Communications Technology Association - Jordan - int@j

Service Recipients:

Arab Towns Organization and its institutions
Arab cities members of the Arab Towns Organization (491 members)

Executive Board

Executive board :

Is the authority supervising the affairs of the institution and responsible for drawing its policy and making appropriate decisions to achieve the objectives of the organization and follow-up implementation.

The Executive Board shall be constituted as follows:

Heads of the Arab capitals of the Organization (including the Al-Quds Al-Sharif Secretariat).
The heads of the cities of Mecca and Medina and the eyes of Morocco.
Eleven members representing member cities elected by the General Conference provided that no more than one city is elected from one country.
President of the city where the Executive Council is held during its session.
President of the city where the next General Conference will be held.

Organizational Chart

Forum Services

Exchange experiences and transfer successful experiences between Arab municipalities and member cities.
Training and rehabilitation of human cadres.
Technical support and consultation.
Analysis of databases, programming and design of websites.
Building smart phone applications for the development of municipal work.

Successful Stories

It is our pleasure to share your success stories in the electronic and smart transformation major. You are kindly requested to fill in the form in bellow or send your success stories on Arab Forum's e-mail. info@itcat.org
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